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"LUXHAIR I own one of Sherry Shepherds wigs!! Bought it from QVC in 2012 - 13 when I was going thru chemo treatments. It is my go to Fabulous Hair any time, any day!! Even after 4 years it is still as beautiful as when I first got it. Easy to maintain, shake and go!! From the first time I wore it to today... I am complimented on it!! One lady stopped and asked me who did my hair as her Mother saw me and wanted to get her hair cut and colored like mine. They took photos and I gave them Luxhair information for her to get one. lol People that knew I was going thru chemo still thought it was my real hair. My husband use to shake his head at me when I would tell people it was a wig. I am going to get another one in the same style... at 65 it is youthful and stylish and I never want to be without it. Hazard of chemo I now have very fine, balding spots and thin hair. :( I am not ashamed of it as I am here on this planet today doing well... but I sure feel good in my Sherry shepherd wig! :) Thank you!"

"Even after 4 years it is still as beautiful as when I first got it".

"Textured Pixie... Have one of the Auburn, Blonde and Brown and just ordered another one tonight of the same!! Gorgeous Wig!! Also ordered one in Dark Grey for a friend of mine. Fabulous wigs, Sherri! I have had my first one since 2012, still as pretty as the first day I got it."

"Fabulous wigs, Sherri! I have had my first one since 2012, still as pretty as the first day I got it."

"Wow i was just on your site. Looking for another beautiful wig. I found one. I love these wigs!!! So versatile. I have a new look everyday."

"Bought one love it will be back for another soon"

"Rose Marie Carter I did my chemo for 18 weeks and radiation for 55 2012. I shaved my head to ease the loss of it falling out. I am happy I did that. But by the third week I did not even have a stubble left. It never did grow back nicely. Sherri Shepherd was on QVC with her wigs and I ordered one. Still wear it today and it is still in great shape. I wear it 5 out of 7 days. I always said some day I would order another and one day a month or so ago LUXHAIR was on my Facebook page. I ordered for myself and a friend that has always had thin hair and loved my wig but wanted it in a grey shade. Got them just before Christmas and we love them. You will get your gift wig from them and be very pleased with the style, cut, color and the fit is amazing. Enjoy it and know you are working with a great Company in LUXHAIR!!"

"I wore and looked Fabulous in my new Textured Pixie by LUXHAIR in Blonde, Auburn and Brown!!! Love love love it!"

"I love wigs I have one these are really good looking"

"Sherri I have one and I LOVE IT. It's gorgeous and know one can tell it's a wig. Even my sister didn't know."

"I have two of her wigs and love love"

"I LOVE LUXHAIR wigs!! Great fit, gorgeous colors and trendy styles. No such thing as a bad hair day once you own one of these!"

"I recently ordered the Textured Pixie in the Blonde/Auburn/Brown and one in the Dark Grey for a friend. They came yesterday and are B E A U T I F U L!! Lightweight, gorgeous colors, awesome very happy and stylin!! Love them!! cannot wait to surprise my friend with hers for Christmas! <3"

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