Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I use Styling Tools in my Sherri Shepherd Wig

    Yes, your wig is made with high quality Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair Fiber Ready-to-wear, pre-styled and designed to look and feel like natural hair. It stands up to heat and humidity, and can be styled with heat tools always use an adjustable temperature tool, and never go above the 320 degrees.

  • Can I use styling products on my Sherri Shepherd Wigs

    Yes, you can use any of your favorite products, but we recommend water soluble products that contain little or no alcohol.

  • Can I brush my Sherri Shepherd Wig while wearing it

    Yes, brush gently and be certain to avoid having the wig slip from it's position. And that if it's a curly wig do not brush the curl out of shape

  • How long will my Sherri Shepherd wig™ last?

    It varies and depends on how often you wear your wig, and how well you care for your wig

  • Will my Sherri Shepherd wig™ be ruined if it gets wet?

    Rain or water will not damage your Sherri Shepherd wig™. But be certain not to brush it while wet.

  • Can I replace the inner cap materials or adjustable sizing bands if they break?

    You cannot replace the inner cap materials, but fortunately, your Sherri Shepherd wig™ is extremely well made but moderately priced.

  • Can I use my Sherri Shepherd wig ™ while I exercise?

    Yes, your Sherri Shepherd wig™ will stay in place.

  • What materials are Sherri Shepherd wigs™ made of?

    KERALON® Our proprietary synthetic blend of polyester that feels, looks, and performs like real hair.

  • Can I wear Sherri Shepherd wigs if I have long hair

    Putting On Your Sherri Shepherd Wig, is simple!

    If you have long hair. Section or braid your hair up off your neck. 2. Slip your wig on from back to front.

    Adjust the ear tabs so they are even at both sides.

    Adjust the front at your hair line.

    If the wig feels tight or loose adjust the size both adjusters. 6. Tuck in any loose stray hairs.

    Now your ready to "Style and Go".

  • Can I adjust the size of the Sherri Shepherd wigs

    Yes, there are stretch bands in the cap that allow you to adjust the size larger or smaller by 1/2 inch on both sides

  • Can my stylist cut my Sherri Shepherd wig™?


  • Do I need to wear a color that's similar to my own hair color?

    No, you can choose any color you like. That's part of the fun of wigs. You can change your color without commitment

  • How do I care for my Sherri Shepherd wig?

    The proper care of your KERALON® Sherri Shepherd wig will keep it looking like new.

    Step 1: For longer hair wigs, before you wash, make sure you carefully detangle the hair using a wide tooth comb. Start from ends and work toward the root to decrease shedding.

    Step 2: Rinse. Use lukewarm water and rinse from roots to ends. Do not soak as this can lead to tangling. Tip: If your wig is curly, try leaving the hairnet on.

    Step 3: Shampoo. Using any mild shampoo pour one capful into luke warm water in a sink basin. Immerse your wig and allow to sit for one minute. Then gently agitate.

    Step 4: To remove the shampoo. Let cool clean water flow in the same direction of the hair to avoid any tangling. Once the shampoo has been removed, gently squeeze the wig to remove excess water.

    Step 5: Drying. DO NOT WRING. Never brush your wig when it is wet. Blot your wig with a towel and allow the wig to air dry on the towel or a Styrofoam wig head if you have one.

  • Are there any styling tips for my Sherri Shepherd wig

    Our Sherri Shepherd wigs are all pre styled and ready to wear. However, if you prefer, you can use any of your favorite styling products for additional hold or volume.

    If you selected one of our Lace Front wigs, you may wish to trim the lace. You can do so with any scissors or take your wig to your stylist.

    Your Sherri Shepherd wig is made of style-able KERALON® synthetic fiber that can be straightened or curled. You can apply heat up to but NOT OVER 320 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Once you straighten or curl your wig, the fiber will remain that way until you apply heat once again.

    We recommend that when curling a wig, once you've created the curl remove the barrel of the iron and pin the curl for one to two minutes to allow the fiber to cool, and then release the curl.

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