Sherri Shepherd™

by Sherri Shepherd™
"Girlfriend to girlfriend, my NOW collection acknowledges the power of hair in a woman's life.
With all the new hairstyles in my collection,
NOW you have more choices than ever before.
You were born with the hair you’ve got.
Now get the hair you want in no time at all – NOW!"

- Sherri Shepherd™

Tabatha Coffey

“See it, shake it, touch it, love it. Believe it! Your dream hair is here and it couldn’t be easier. HOW™ Top-Head™ Extensions and High Fashion Wigs by LUXHAIR® use an exclusive Keralon™ Light strand that is beyond luxurious. It looks and feels natural – and it’s even better than the hair you’ve got. These aren’t wigs or extensions – they’re secret weapons.”

- Tabatha Coffey

Daisy Fuentes

"Do you want hair that's glam and go?
Your hair isn't just a statement. It's an entire story.
Whether long and blonde, edgy and cool or high and mighty, if you want to add volume or play with
a look, my WOW™ wigs and extensions let you
write your daily beauty destiny."

- Daisy Fuentes

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